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Buying a Melbourne Property with Your

Self-Managed Super Fund | Expert Buyers Agents

Committed to Exemplary Service and Saving You Money

Buying a Melbourne Property with Your Self-Managed Super Fund | Expert Buyers Agents

Self Managed Super Fund To Buy Property have over 30 years of experience and knowledge of the Melbourne property market and successfully purchase a variety of investment properties for clients in all price ranges all over Melbourne!

Having Self Managed Super Fund To Buy Property on your side can also maximise your purchasing power, protect you from making costly mistakes, overpaying or being outplayed by your competitors!

If you want to take more control of your retirement savings and purchase residential and commercial property using your superannuation funds, contact Self Managed Super Fund To Buy Property

Purchasing residential or commercial property within your self-managed super fund (SMSF) can be an extremely effective way to increase the value of your retirement savings and provide tax effective investment returns.

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1. You are in charge of your investments – SMSF’s give you more flexibility with how you invest your super. You have the opportunity to invest ins direct shares, ETF’s, residential or commercial property.

2. Pool your super with your spouse – You have the opportunity to invest together with your spouse. Thus giving you are greater pool of funds with which to invest.

3. Save on administration costs – Most APRA funds charge fees on a percentage basis. An SMSF should be able to provide a cost saving with larger balances as the administration costs are not percentage based.

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Melbourne's Best Buyers Agents

A Buyer’s Agent, exclusively acting on behalf of property buyers, works diligently to secure the best deal for the buyer by representing their interests.

Operating within specific regions, Buyer’s Agents develop extensive knowledge of local property markets, making them an invaluable resource.

When purchasing property in Melbourne, it is crucial to employ a Buyer’s Agent based in Melbourne, who possesses proven expertise in the local market.

Trust the experts at Buyers Agent Melbourne for all your property buying needs.

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At Self-Managed Super Fund To Buy Property, we understand that property negotiations can be a nerve-wracking experience for most buyers.

It’s important to note that prices are often underquoted to attract as many emotionally invested bidders as possible, leading to final sale prices that exceed initial estimates.

To succeed in this market, thorough preparation and research are essential.

Take the time to study comparable local sales, acquire proper inspection reports, and gain a comprehensive understanding of the current market dynamics.

Self-Managed Super Funds | Expert Property Buying

Don’t let lack of preparation undermine your chances of achieving your goals.

Trust Self-Managed Super Fund To Buy Property to guide you through the process and help you make informed decisions for property negotiation.

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Self-Managed Super Property Buying Service | Melbourne's Best Buyers Agents

Zac Newbold has been involved in Melbourne real estate his entire life, learning early and often from his family’s strong involvement in property development.

He has been a fully licensed estate agent since 2001. Zac’s expertise lies in residential sales for larger franchisee firms, small boutique agencies, property and asset management, corporate real estate advisory services, commercial real estate and project management.

The team at Self-Managed Super Fund To Buy Property is continuously helping a wide range of Melbourne clients who are upsizing, downsizing or investing in property all over Melbourne, at all price points!

Contact Zac Newbold and his team today to organise your confidential and complimentary Property Strategy Session to discuss your objectives and outline the process in clear and simple terms.

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